Monday, July 5, 2010

Summertime . . .

I finally finished my marquee wallpaper for the Spring Tour.

Secondly, I put together a wallpaper from the pics I took at the show in Kettering, OH, on June 5 and the ticket I had signed. I have a confession to make about this one. I have an unwritten rule for myself that I always follow when making SNC wallpapers. Any wallpaper must include all ten guys. (Or as the above, none of the guys. ;-)) I confess, I finished this one and realized I was missing someone. Dang it. So, I had to redo it. I think I'm good now. ;-)

A slight variation of the same:

And then I started messing around with images from the Tainted Love video the other day and came up with this one:

And a couple more:

OK, I think I'm done for now. Fans viewing this site, can you please do me a favor and leave a comment so I know you visted? I'm curious how many people (if any) are actually looking at and/or saving these things.



  1. Posting to say hi and that I love all these wallpapers! Great work, Jana! ^___^

  2. LOVE these, Jana!! Fabulous!

  3. great job on the wallpapers! thanks for sharing them.